17 Facts About the Amish You Didn’t Know

Most people know that the Amish often live without electricity, travel by horse and buggy, churn their own butter, and make awesome furniture. But it isn’t all about austerity and homesteading! Thanks to their observance of tradition, this Swiss Christian culture has endured in the US for centuries. Their mantra is “Be ye not conformed to this world”, and they’re doing a spectacular job with that. Read on and discover 17 facts about the Amish people you didn’t know.

1. They’re often multilingual.

(Image Source: efoodsdirect.com)

(Image Source: efoodsdirect.com)

Just because they don’t have much in the way of a formal education doesn’t mean the Amish aren’t accomplished. A lot of traditional Amish groups speak three languages. Church services are help in High German. When Amish children begin school, they will learn English in order to communicate with non-Amish people. That’s because although the Amish want to be left alone, they accept that interaction with the outside world is a fact of life, so they prepare and educate accordingly. At home, they speak a German dialect like Pennsylvania Dutch, or even Amish Swiss.